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Infographic explaining the mission of Leading Well Solutions from Trauma Informed Leader to Creating Generational Transformation

About Leading Well Solutions

Through our training and coaching, we create a workplace culture where everyone feels seen, heard, and supported. By fostering an environment of inclusivity, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety, Leading Well Solutions develops healthy and resilient individuals who contribute positively to their organization, their family, and their community.  


This ties to our deeper purpose of creating generational transformation.  When leaders create well workplace environments, employees are able to thrive and heal from past trauma and pain.  The employee then takes this resiliency home, to their family and friends.  Home environments are filled with empathy and compassion, children are supported and nurtured, and relationships are loving and healthy.  This begins the process of changing lives and creating lasting impact.

About Our Founder

Picture of Erica Reed LCSWC smiling sitting in a blue chair with an orange blazer

Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C.

Trauma Informed Leadership Expert and Psychotherapist

As Founder and CEO of Leading Well Solutions, Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C provides training, coaching, and consulting services using the proprietary LENS Solution framework, which takes an innovative approach to teaching emotional intelligence, trauma informed leadership, communication skills, and self-leadership. With over 25 years of experience post Masters Degree, Erica has certifications in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Trauma Informed Care and Supervision.  Erica helps people managers lead with trauma informed empathy to more effectively engage a stressed out and burned out workforce.  As a result, organizations become spaces of growth, creativity, and collaboration.  


Post training surveys describe Erica’s training and coaching as “Relevant and engaging”,  “Thoughtful, thorough, fun (great balance of humor and seriousness)” and “Conversational and authentic with great examples and interactive moments”. Drawing on her experience as an Adjunct Professor at Catholic University of America, Trinity University, and Bowie State University, Erica develops training curriculum with adult learning styles in mind, utilizing a mix of content modalities and interactive activities.  


Erica has been featured in Black Enterprise, Business Insider, and Business Management Daily. Erica’s client list includes SHRM, NOAA, WMATA (Metro), Johns Hopkins University, Census Bureau, and Goodwill Industries.

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