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Erica's Story

As a psychotherapist, the first half of my career was spent working with individuals on their healing and growth. However, I began to realize that while my clients had the insight and emotional intelligence to do their own work, they would then have to go to a toxic workplace environment that quickly unraveled their progress. It became crystal clear that the healing and growth that takes place in my office, also needs to take place in the workplace.


For the past 12 years, I’ve drawn upon my experiences as a psychotherapist, director, and employee assistance provider, to create training and coaching programs that are empirically based, solution focused and full of actionable content. What you get is engaging interactions and applicable strategies that will promote sustainable growth and learning.


My goal is to develop leaders who recognize the need to lead from within. These leaders will approach difficult conversations with the tools to support and coach. These leaders will recognize that individual contributors are whole persons; they are more than just their job descriptions as they bring their unique lived experiences into the workplace and into each interaction.  These leaders will build upon the strengths of employees, leading to higher engagement and motivation to work toward common goals. These leaders will create an environment that is inclusive and promotes practices that drive belonging and well-being. My goal is to create trauma informed leaders.

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