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Thanks so much for visiting my page to learn more about me!

I would love to share with your podcast listeners specific and actionable strategies they can  use to create a well workplace, while making sure they don't burnout in the process.

Take a look below at some topics that we can discuss on your podcast, learn a bit more about me and my areas of expertise, and listen in on a few of my previous podcast interviews.

Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C

Workplace Wellness Expert | Psychotherapist | Trauma Informed Leadership


As founder of Leading Well Solutions, Erica brings over 25 years of experience as a Psychotherapist and Workplace Wellness Expert to help managers become inclusive leaders with higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved communication skills, and the ability to optimize the unique strengths of employees. Erica provides training, coaching, and consulting services that consider the unique lived experiences of a diverse workforce and teaches how stress and trauma impact an organization’s culture of belonging and psychological safety. 

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Erica N. Reed, LCSW-C is a Psychotherapist and Workplace Wellness Expert, specializing in
helping corporate leaders retain diverse professionals by leading with empathy. Erica is founder and CEO of Leading Well Solutions which h
elps managers become inclusive leaders with higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved communication skills, and the ability to optimize the unique strengths of employees.


Leading Well Solutions provides training, coaching, and consulting services through the
lens of Trauma Informed Leadership. This perspective considers the lived experiences of those in the workplace and how it impacts the culture of belonging and psychological safety.

We have supported organizations’ DEI initiatives in the following areas: mitigating the impact of unconscious bias, conflict management, having difficult conversations, creating psychological safety, engaging differently and respectfully, change management, and understanding the impact of trauma on the workforce.

Erica’s experience as a college professor provides a unique understanding of adult learning styles and she designs training curriculums where everyone in attendance can easily understand and immediately implement the actionable strategies provided. Additionally, Erica has completed the University of Southern Florida’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate Program and includes core components of this program in the DEI work that she provides.

Erica has also developed an online course for HR Professional and People Managers that provides actionable strategies to effectively engage and retain a stressed out and burned out workforce. Inclusive Leadership: Strategies to Lead Through an Emotional Intelligence and Trauma Informed Lens is approved for continuing education units through SHRM.


While I tailor each interview to uniquely speak to your listeners, here are some topics for your consideration:

Navigating HR Burnout

Let's dive into the everyday challenges faced by HR professionals and shed light on the real impact of burnout. We'll discuss practical strategies for maintaining balance, resilience, and mental well-being while leading your teams. Tune in to gain insights that will help HR leaders not just survive, but truly thrive – and we promise, it's not just another time management technique!


Engaging and Retaining a Stressed Out and Burned Out Workforce

Learn concrete strategies for engaging and retaining a workforce dealing with stress and burnout. By implementing trauma-informed practices and prioritizing mental health, HR professionals can drive increased commitment and productivity, leading to a more vibrant and resilient team.


From Conflict to Solution: Skills for Difficult Conversations

Learn actionable techniques to navigate difficult conversations while fostering emotional intelligence and psychological safety. Gain the skills needed to turn conflicts into constructive solutions, promoting mental well-being, and creating a harmonious work environment that drives positive outcomes during times of change and uncertainty.


Leading and Growing Through Change

Get ready to explore strategies to tackle resistance to change, and the crucial role of psychological safety in shaping a thriving workplace, even when things are uncertain. Tune in for actionable insights that will help you emerge as a resilient and effective leader during times of transformation.

Diverse Workforces, Thriving Cultures: HR's Role in Trauma Informed Leadership

Let's dive into the world of leadership with a focus on trauma-informed practices. We'll unpack what it means to lead with sensitivity and empathy, taking into account the impact of trauma on individuals and teams. Join us as we explore actionable strategies that will help you become a more compassionate and effective leader in today's complex world.





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Team Anywhere


Burn Bright


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